Turn your basic spell checker into a botanical word spelling expert with Spellex Botanical... the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate botany spell checker ever developed.

    Now compatible with MS Office 365, 2013, and WordPerfect X6!
    Includes US, UK, AU, and CA English spelling files.

  • Spellex Botanical is a comprehensive botanical terminology spell checker which includes the correct spelling of tens of thousands of vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens grown around the world.
  • Covers the correct spelling of thousands of plants including annuals, perennials, bulbs, cacti, succulents, grasses, water plants, houseplants, shrubs, bushes, trees, vines, crawlers, and wild flowers.
  • Includes the spelling of thousands of common plant names, scientific names and botanical names as well as plant families, genera, species, and symbols. This comprehensive speller even includes the correct spelling of a wide variety of plants with common uses including edible and medicinal plants and plants used for habitat creation and landscape restoration.
  • Provides accurate spelling of both common and uncommon terms from botanical taxonomy and nomenclature including meiosis, prokaryotes, and protista as well as hundreds of dinoflagellates, haptophytes, heterokonts, bryophytes, angiosperms, fungi, euglenoids, and cryptomonads.
  • Includes the common names and scientific names of hundreds of plant diseases including bacterial diseases, fungal diseases, nematodal and parasitic diseases, virus and viroid diseases, genetic diseases, and phytoplasmal diseases.
  • Even includes an extensive coverage of marine botany covering major ecosystems of the marine environment including macroalgae and microalgae, salt marshes, mangrove forests, seagrass beds, and coral reefs.
  • Correctly spells abbreviations, acronyms, eponyms, alternative and variant spellings, and plural word forms from the botanical field.
  • Allows you to look up the correct spelling of botanical words while inside your spell checker, without exiting your program.
  • Works inside your favorite Microsoft, WordPerfect, or Lotus spell checker, exactly like your current spell checker, so there is nothing new to learn. No manuals to read or commands to learn, and no more embarrassing spelling errors.
  • Quarterly software updates available through the Spell-X-Plus software subscription service to keep you up to date with the newest words in bioscience.
  • Can be combined with other Spellex spell checkers such as Spellex Medical, Spellex BioScientific, Spellex Veterinary, Spellex Dental, Spellex Legal, and Spellex Geographical for spell checking of multiple specialties.
  • Make Your Own Bundle! Create your own popular spellers and check out the discount!
  • Still not convinced? Read what some of our customers say about Spellex Botanical Speller.

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